Aug 3, 2017: Colorado to Wyoming

We’re still plugging along on offroad routes North. Originally the plan was to stick to the Continental Divide from New Mexico to Banff, Alberta but that changed quickly since New Mexico was in the high 40c’s. We’ve actually been bouncing back and forth from the Backcountry Discovery Route to the Continental Divide. They are both close to each other but the Backcountry Discovery Route offers more technical riding with higher peaks to cross ๐Ÿ˜‰ Pics below are not in chronological order but rather a mashup of some fun memories.

We stayed a few days in Boulder Colorado with a fellow named Zigy. He was ย nice enough to put us up and have a few smelly dirt bikers stay in his loft. It was a good few days to get caught up on some much needed moto maintenance and laundry. I have also actually found a new pair of riding boots as well, Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro’s…

From Boulder we went north into Wyoming and found some serious high plains near Rawlins. This was the first section where my 10 litre tank couldn’t hold enough fuel for the 350kms between stations. I bought a 4 litre jerry can and stashed it in Claires pannier ๐Ÿ˜‰ West of Rawlins we had a camp spot pinned on the map beside a running river, we didn’t make it before night fall so opted to set the tent up in a dry river bed to have a few feet of dirt shelter from the wind. Setting up camp in cow patties is always a favourite…




Overlanding isn’t easy


The “Glory Hole Cafe”ย 
I love a good Kum & Go
One of the great camp spots

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Thanks to Claires friend Gaddy, we had a night at a Hemp Farm



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