Sept 4, 2017: Wyoming to British Colombia

The past 4 weeks has been dual sport heaven with next to no internet or wifi. We are officially done the USA offroad section. Claire & I had 2 months of more dirt than we could handle. I wish I could say I’m refreshed and ready for South America in 3 weeks, but the Backcountry Discovery Route & Continental Divide has whooped my ass. Riding dirt and camping almost every night is no joke…

We got a bunch of parts shipped to Barnes HD Kamloops where we set up shop for a few days on a work bench to swap tires and do some much needed maintenance to the bikes. Right now, we are in Victoria catching up on some touristy sight seeing and hanging out with friends. The plan is to tour BC to the end of the month.

Since we popped up into BC, we have been couch surfing with friends. Huge thanks to: Rob & Carrie Hewitt in Fernie, Brian & Tracey in Nelson, Ken and Denise in Pritchard, Jessica & Carol in Kamloops & Bryce & Janet in Victoria. A warm bed, a warm shower and a toaster with butter are my favourites these days šŸ˜‰

If you have been wondering about the “Spots” location emails. When I got into Southern Mexico & Central America, the Spot was not working every time. Throughout this summer, I have been sending them once a day and they are not consistently going through. Since this piece of tech has not been consistent, I have not been using it.

FYI: If you want to follow along to see progress and I have not updated the blog, I have most likely posted something to Facebook or Instagram. If you click above on the little camera icon, you can see the latest posts on Instagram.

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