July 25, 2017: Big Peaks in Colorado… 

Colorado has been absoluting silly. Every corner and hill climb is the perfect backdrop for dualsport heaven. I’m happy I have the 250 for exploring these roads, some of them are much to technical for the big GS.

It’s been 7 months & 2 days since I resigned from my Marketing Manager position for an autogroup with 5 dealerships. I sold my house, bought a shipping container and stored all of my belongings in it. I left everything that was solid in my life and packed my bike. This trip has been in the making for a dozen years and it still feels surreal that I’m living off of my motorcycle and riding new roads everyday. Riding in Central American jungles a month ago and now riding 12,000 foot peaks in Colorado, I know I made the right decision to put my career on hold and follow a big dream… If you’re following along and on the fence to make this decision yourself, DO IT ! I promise you, you will not regret it !


    1. Hey Yair,

      Awesome News ! Colorado is amazing on the motorcycle… If you ride through Ouray, stop in to say HI to John at KJ Wood Distillers.


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