Feb 16, 2017: 

Todays lesson: Make sure you know what paperwork you need in a country before you leave the border… I was planning on getting my tourist visa and temporary vehicle import permit in Ensenada yesterday. I got my tourist visa no problem, and the staff at imigracion said to get the tvip in La Paz before I cross the ferry to mainland. Long story short, i was in Elrosario when @zoerem said tvip is not doable in La Paz prior to ferry crossing. I called La Paz Aduana office and numbers didnt work, surprise. I made the call to ride back to Tijuana to make sure i get my tvip before a real inconevience happens. 700 km blunder… (Tijuana aduana staff says lapaz does currently do tvip’s, dough…) Silver lining is, it’s not snowing and heated gear is in the panniers


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