Feb 14, 2017: Baja !!!

Last night I stayed in LA with Matt & Tania. Matt reached out to me via Instagram and was stoked on the trip so he invited me over to crash. This is one of the things that this trip is about, meeting random people and making new friends. Thanks for the hospitality guys !

This morning I stopped in LA to see my old work colleagues Daniel & Anthony at Eaglerider Rentals and kept on the throttle to get through the Tijuana border. As of today, Tijuana is my all time favourite city to ride a motorcycle 😉 It is utter chaos with cars, trucks, buses, and semi’s going every which way to get through traffic. Toss in a loaded up Donkey and you have a game of Plinko… Sooooo much fun, I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to clean out their shorts afterwards 😉

O ya, I’m in Baja now… Shit’s getting real…


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  1. Tijuana is just the start to the fun, soon you’ll be driving down the wrong way on oneway streets to chasing pedestrians off sidewalks. No rules.

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