Feb 17, 2017: “Money vs Time”

Todays Lesson: “Money vs Time”. While I am acclimatizing to getting used to life on the road. I need to tweak some personal habits. For those of you that know me, I try to pack as much stuff into a day as I can. When I was working, time was a precious commodity and the money was there. Now that I have no more income and more time than I have ever had. I need to work on swinging this balance pendulum. I used to solve problems with ingenuity and money. After dealing with yesterdays blunder having to backtrack and retrack a total of 700 kms, I’ve had some time to think about how I look at my everyday problem solving. Money is now my precious commodity and time can be spent freely. These ahh ha moments will hit me everyday as I slide into the Motorcycle Vagabond life…

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