Apr 7, 2017: Oxchuc Blockade

The last few days have been exciting… I’ve been moving across southern mexico from Oaxaca, to Salina Cruz, to San Cristobal, to Palenque. Two days ago I had 42c on the west coast and now I’m in the jungle rain…

Everyday I asses and re-asses my risk tolerance level. Traveling solo has it’s inherent risks, but this is part of the fun 😉 Yesterday riding from San Cristobal to Palenque on Mex199 I came across a Protestor Road Block in Oxchuc. The issue with this road block is that if you turn around or detour I could add an easy day or more to get north to Palenque. I decided to ride across the minor rock roadblocks to see if it was safe to pass on a moto. All in all, it took me about an hour to park the bike, walk down to speak with locals, ride a bit more, talk with locals and pass freely. I felt safe, but as you can see in the video, this is a bit intimidating to ride through…

Right now, I’m sitting dry under a palapa in Palenque with awesome wifi waiting out a serious jungle rain storm. Last night I camped with Claire Newbolt from the UK. She is riding solo from South America to Alaska on her Honda XR250. She is doing tip to tip in the opposite direction. Check her out: http://xrtornadotravels.blogspot.mx


Claire Newbolt from the UK on her Honda XR250
Maya Bell Campground in Palenque




  1. Hi Kevin, thanks for sharing. We had the “road block experience” there 10 years ago while traveling that same route in our RV. Its a shame since its such a scenic and interesting area. Judging by the pictures, I think we stayed in the same campground if it is near the ruinas at Palenque.. Glad to hear you are having this great adventure.
    Safe (and drier) travels
    Ole and Vicki

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