Feb 25: 2017

I will be in Baja Sur for the next week’ish. I am staying in La Ventana with my good friend Richard. Monday I have my first week of Spanish School start which is called El Nopal. I’m looking forward to sharpening my Spanish skills since I will need them as I get deeper south. 1 week which is 12 hrs of class time will be $120 usd. Lets hope its money well spent…

This past few days I have been busy working on pampering Donkey. I dropped the engine, tranny and final drive oils. Always feels good to have fresh fluids 😉

Since I’ve been in La Ventana, I’ve been trying to make a conscience effort to try to relax and slow my mind down. Not sure if its working, but working on it…

If any of you have info on Copper Canyon, this will be my next goal after Baja. I plan to take the ferry over to Los Mochis on the mainland next weekend or after and head north/east into the area to find the pristine cliff roads I’ve heard much about. Feel free to send me any tips, roads or towns you may have.

Today I made the detour to visit Mitch Scott in El Pescadero, super rad to see this guy with his wicked ’71 camping rig.

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