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    No TIE DOWNS…Oh Ya… its not a HD. LOL LOL.
    I have also taken a very small pocket torch, solder with flux, and extra cable ferrules.
    I have popped them off in the carb, the throttle grip and in the clutch.
    (I had to swap the go and return cables in the grip one time and
    rode with twisting my wrist forward for GO
    with no return throttle cable as it was snapped and frayed.
    PGHD had used red lock tight on the air breather cover,
    & had put cheap, minimal strand, brittle, after market cables, with my new mini apes.
    ALSO… I couldn’t get into the carb on the road – LOL LOL)
    I wonder if they even lubricated the cables?
    Needless to say … … I learned lots of lessons that trip.
    I LOVE hearing from You, and I LOVE the photos You are sending.
    Thank YOU. LOVE YA KEVIN. E + L.

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