March 31, 2018: Argentina, Chile & The Bottom Of The World

I am currently back in British Columbia. It has been many months since I’ve blogged. Once I hit Argentina & Chile, I was on a full on mission to make it to the bottom and back up to Santiago to fly out. Here are a few pics from the last few months…

The Americas is officially completed, which is a good feeling but also sad at the same time. Since I have been on the road now for over 13 months, this has become my lifestyle and being on the road has become the norm…

After Ushuaia, I rode North up to Santiago, Chile and flew me and Donkey to San Francisco, California and rode to Vancouver.

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 9.29.56 PM


Small water break on the Ruta 40 in Argentina


Paso De San Francisco, Argentina. About 12,000 feet…


Paso De San Francisco, Argentina.My home for the night.


Crossing from Argentina over the Paso De San Francisco to Chile’s Atacama Desert. This is the driest place on the planet.


Embalse El Yeso, East of Santiago Chile.


Wild camp spot North/ East of Malalcahuello, Chile.


Lonquimay Volcano to the Left, Navidad Crater to the right. Chile.


Volcano Villarrica off in the distance. Chile.


The most Southern city in the World. February 4th, 2018.


The end of the road, Ruta J. South/ East of Ushuaia.


The end of the road, Ruta J. South/ East of Ushuaia.


The most Southern bridge, over the Rio Moat, you can cross as an Overlander in the world. Ruta J.


Most Southern camp spot in the world, Ruta J.


Most Southern camp spot in the world, Ruta J.


Ruta J, South East of Ushuaia.


  1. Hi!! We saw you in your moto in the parking of The Zona Franca in Punta Arenas. Thats how I found your blog. Its nice to know that you enjoy Chile and its beauty. Its exciting to know that you traveled so long to reach the end of the world hete in Punta Arenas and Ushuaia!! Greetings from Chile!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, awesome !

      Thanks for reaching out to me… I had a great time in Chile. I was buying a new camera when you would have seen the bike 😉


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