Nov 14, 2017: Quito Ecuador with a leaky Donkey

2 weeks ago I arrived in Quito and had plans to stay two nights and continue south. On the morning I went to leave with Steve, I noticed a leak on the bottom/ rear of my engine. Long story short of diagnosing, turns out I had 1 of 3 seals between my transmission and engine that could be blown. From going to BMW Quito and speaking with friends, this was going to be a big job to undertake and I needed help, seals, information, and a clean/ organized shop to tear Donkey literally in half… From speaking with Michnus and Elsebie from , they recommended Michele and Angel from Motohell Suzuki shop in Quito. Right away from meeting them they were researching the job on the internet and making calls for seals to figure out how to get them from Colombia to Ecuador. All in all, I waited a week and a half for seals to arrive from Bogota, and a solid day and a half of the GS on the workbench being ripped apart, inspected, cleaned, swapping the balance shaft seal, and reassembled. Angel and I tag teamed the shit out of this daunting job and we barely stressed. I speak a bit of spanish and he a bit of english. Stellar team and a big job… If you need a shop to work on your bike in Ecuador, these are the people you can trust with your baby. Not many shops allow the customer to be in the back to work with the tech, as an overlander this is a must for me to see and do the job… coordinates.


Avenida 6 de Diciembre, 3298


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