June 13, 2017: Costa Rica & Panama

I crossed into Guatemala May 1, 2017. This was the beginning of my Central American Moto experience. 6 weeks later, I am now in Panama with a very good idea of what Central America has to offer. Central is one badass part of the world, and when I say badass, I mean it. It has given me so much from awesome people, great roads, wicked humidity, sweet views, and so much more. I have too many stories to type out, so if you want the run down, you gotta buy me a beer 😉

It is bitter sweet to be in the last country before South America, but super stoked for the next chapter.

Below is a mash of photos from Costa Rica to Panama.


Costa Rica: Road out to Rincon De La Vieja Campsite and Hotsprings.



Costa Rica: Hotsprings all to myself…DSCN8784


Costa Rica: The town of Puerto Viejo

Sloths are way cuter in person… These little guys have been rescued for one reason or another, either losing their mothers, being electrocuted, etc… The Jaguar Rescue Center is full of animals being rehabilitated to be put back out into the jungle. Interesting info, Sloths only consume about 110 calories a day, that’s what they’re so relaxed and slow. They normally live up to 25 years in the wild and climb down out of the trees once a week to  on the ground…





Normally I don’t hire a fixer to cross a border, if one hangs out with me I tell him I’m not going to pay, normally they give up and walk away. This kid wanted to help so bad that I couldn’t say no. When crossing from Costa Rica into Panama at the Northern Border it was easy and fun to hang out with this 14 year old. It took about 2.5 hrs to get all of my paperwork and insurance with no drama. I ended up giving him 1200 Colons ($2.80 cdn) and bought both us cold gatorades when we finished. I forget his name now, o well…



I burnt out my main headlight a day before this and this was the first Auto Shop i came across in Panama. $5 later and now have a bright yellow H7 bulb.


Fortuna Mountain range:

The view from my hammock at Roots Hostel.


“Bridge Of The Americas” that spans across the opening of the Panama Canal in Panama City.




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