Apr 25, 2017: some learnings

Just a few things I’ve learned from living off of Donkey for the past 2.5 months: ~ People are inherently helpful where ever you go. ~ The motorcycle & your gear becomes less important than the people you meet and the stories you hear. ~ Friendships bond much quicker. ~ $45 cdn a day gives you the ability to live like a hobo king. ~ The harder you ride, the less you see. ~ Answering 5 emails a day seems like a chore. ~ I still haven’t got sick of tacos. ~ A clean toilet is a highlight of the day. ~ When it’s 35c + I soak my t-shirt and buff with water and button up my Levis jacket tight to stay cooler while riding. ~ I don’t care what day of the week is anymore, I care about sunup and sundown. (What day is it today actually?) ~ I can’t drink enough water to stay hydrated. ~ I am happy…

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