Dec 11, 2016

I have quit my job. I have put my Marketing career on ice. I have sold my house. I am about to leave everything that I am comfortable with behind me to make a long time dream come true. I have planned for the past 12 years to “ride a motorcycle around the world” and have made the decisions in the past two months to make it reality. This has not been easy, and the challenges in front of me will be harder than I can predict. The loose plan is to circumnavigate the world on my 2010 BMW R1200GS solo. The route is south from Vancouver BC, to the southern tip of South America. Then I will be shipping the motorcycle and myself to South Africa to ride north along the east side of Africa into Europe. Once in Europe, depending on the season/ weather, I will then decide if it will be Russia, Kazakstan, Mongolia, Japan to home or south from Europe in the “Stan” countries into South East Asia, to Japan then home. This is the loose plan, as the logistics & visas ahead will decide where I end up.


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