May 3rd, 2018: Australia

One of “this past years lessons”:

Before I left on this journey to ride my motorcycle through exotic lands. I had a very firm plan that spanned over about 2 years that followed the sun that would take me across North America, Central America, South America, Africa, Europe and into Asia. Looking back now, I think I needed to have this plan in my head, it was something I could wrap my head around. If I would have left with a plan that had no plan and this trip had no end date, it would have been way too overwhelming. I’ve learned so much about Overlanding, cultures, riding, people, and more importantly, my own wants and needs. More than anything else, I’ve learned to be prepared for the unknown. I’m 15 months in, and landed in Brisbane, Australia a few days ago, one of the continents that weren’t part of the original plan. Maybe what I’m trying to say is, at some point this changed from a long ass trip to just my lifestyle. So for the near future, I’ll be posting up in Australia with the lovely Claire Newbolt. I’ve decided a while ago, that I wanted to slow this journey down to what feels right. When you make a motorcycle your home, you end up wanting to pack as little as possible to make the riding better. In normal life, I exercise on bicycles almost every day and climb often. During this past year, I have lusted to have that back so bad. I’ve brought my roadie bike, mountain bike, climbing gear, camping gear, and moto gear, so I am coming to play Down Under, Chow style… It is time to get back into shape, see what happens with this Brit/ Aus girl, explore Australia, eat healthy and Worldoverland is just going to get a little bit longer…

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